Pics Results-Farm Estate Sale Near Ft Scott,Kansas


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Yesterday I attended the Runkle Farm Estate Sale held northwest of Ft Scott,KS.. A cold front came thru during the night so the day started out cold and chilly but at noon the sun came out and it warmed up in to the mid-upper 50's...The day before it had been close to 80 degrees with rain that afternoon and evening..I only got .40 inches but at the sale they had nearly 2 inches...On north towards Kansas City they had 3 inches.

The ladies serving lunch had 4 different cobblers and at noon I ended up with a blackberry cobbler and then later as I left the sale I got a peach cobbler for the trip home....A bowl full was $3.00 and it was delicious...

This was a large sale..When I left at 3 PM there was lots left to sell..There was lots of scrap iron and 2 scrappers were paying a good price for it.I have several more sales to attend in November.

The 986 IH tractor with 5600 hours sold for $6,700.


The Farmall 560 diesel tractor missing some sheet metal sold for $1,600..Even thought it was chilly it started up after about 50-60 seconds on the glow plugs...It had the remains of a M&W turbo on it...The exhaust and intake wheels were gone.


The Vermeer 605J baler sold for $500....The Lely 10 wheel rake beside it sold for $500.


The New Holland 275 twine baler sold for $900.


The 26 ft gooseneck with hydraulic dove tail and jack sold for $2,900..


The nice 8 ft John Deere drag disk sold for $525 with the Amish battling it out.
The pull type grader with a few missing parts sold for $400..


The John Deere 1460 disc bine sold for $2,200..
The fertilizer cart beside it sold for $250.


The 20 ft Coose cattle trailer sold for $2,600...It had like new tires and a good floor.
The Legacy camper trailer sold for $3,000.


There was a real nice well kept barn on the farm...Part of it had been made in to living quarters.

I'll be back with more pics and results..


New Holland 465 disk mower with home made cart sold for $1,000.

The running Kawasaki 650 on the left sold for $1,400.
The non running Honda 200 sold for $300.


The 10 ft 3pt Brush Hog sold for $500..


Heres the crowd watching a bunch of tires sell..A brand new spare on the
wheel for a 2500 Dodge sold for $15...It was dated April 2015 which
scared me off.


A running home made big bale mover sold for $900.
One for small square bales to the left sold for $500..


A running Pettibone loader sold for $1,000.


The 1941 GMC 4x4 sold for $500...Some extra parts brought $100.
The auctioneer had more calls on this than any other item.


The drag line truck wasnt for sale...There were other items that the family kept.


I left before the Ford 172 engine sold..It had been used to pump out the lagoon which was back of the barn.
I also missed the 1983 Olds diesel car thats in the back ground.
I also missed seeing a nice lathe sell.
I mighta jumped in on that Petitbone with forks. Be fun to move some logs around with. Definitely woulda shelled out $3 for the blackberry cobbler. Nice sale, good report. Gerrit
On site auctions rare around here as most have gone the way of internet. Really miss getting to visit with folks.
Every year we lose more and more small farms and very few are left that use the older and smaller stuff..Plus we had a bad drought in this area and the money just isnt there.
Thanks....Yes,it was a K Gleaner with no head that for one reason or another was held back from the auction.
Thank you for posting!!!

Looks like one I should have gone too. The 986, the rake and the gooseneck all would have gone higher or gone home with me.
Internet auctions arent real popular in my area which makes me happy..Some sales have so much stuff that it would take the auction company over a week to get everything online...I'd say that 95% plus of the sales in my area are still done the old fashioned way.

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