Pics Results- Farm Estate Sale At Deerfield,MO


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On Friday I attended the Leon Emery estate sale held 1 mile west of Deerfield,MO..Mr Emery was a well known farmer, pecan grower,LPG dealer, and owned the truck stop and restaurant in Deerfield..It was a nice warm sunny day with temps in the low-mid 80's.There was a decent crowd and only being 20 miles from home I knew lots of them..The only other time that I was on this farm was around 1968-69..At that time I worked part time at the MM tractor dealer at Milo,MO...Mr Emery wanted to try out a new Jet Star 3 MM tractor and I drove it the 20 miles over there...

The running MM 670 LP tractor sold for $2,200..It needed a radiator and a grill.


The running MM Super 670 LP tractor sold for $1,800...I knew the buyer.

The running MM U-302 tractor sold for $2,000...

The family kept a 1950's-early 60's Ford LP tractor that had been bought new and also kept the White 2-105 tractor..Earlier this year they sold a 2-135 White tractor and a White experimental FWA tractor with a Cummins engine.


The non running Versatile 150 Bi-Directional tractor with pecan shaker sold for $5,900..

The running D-6 Cat sold for $6,100...It had been in the family for years and hadn't seen much use..The right steering clutch was stuck and it needed a left track tensioner..

The nice running Case-IH 1660 combine with RWA sold for $4,200..It wasnt announced at the sale but it had a rebuilt DT466 engine...The 30.5x32 rice tires were like new ...The combine hadn't been abused..After the sale was over the combine changed hands at a nice profit.

The very nice 25 ft Case-IH 1020 header sold for $1,900.
The 6 row Case-IH corn head sold for $600 and a friend got it.
Another rough Case-IH 1020 20 ft header sold for $550.


The 20 ft Great Plains no-till Drill sold for $2,200.

The 24 ft Show Me cattle trailer sold for $1,750..


The non running 1999 Ford F-350 diesel dually sold for around $5,000...I wasnt in the shed when it sold...

I'll be back with more pics and results.
Funny how that combine changed hands. Most likely bought by someone that couldn't let it go so cheap knowing what it was worth - even if he didn't need it. Best ones are when you don't even have to bring it home to turn it. Did that with a gooseneck trailer once - bought it for $2000 knowing it was going waaaay to cheap and threw a bid out not really expecting to get it. Didn't even have a hitch in my truck when I bought it and a guy came up to me and begged to buy it. He was a bit taken aback when I said 4 but it was a deck over with dual axles and was still cheap at $4000 - he paid it.


I wasnt in the shed when this 1940 Ford sold but heard that it brought around $5,000..There were other old cars, lots of parts,and a least 4 Ford flat head V-8 engines that sold..The engines sold cheap.


This was a nice 1956 Ford pickup until the night of the sale...A disgruntled family member torched it making lots of people very mad..Several had traveled a long distance to bid on it.Fortunately nothing else caught on fire..


The Cadillac sold for $240.

The non running 1972 IH Loadstar dump truck sold for $1,200.It had a 3208 Cat engine.
There was several other 2 ton trucks that sold in the $700 range..One IH with a DT466 sold for $650.

The R-190 IH twin screw road tractor sold for $725.


The Case stationary baler sold for $175.


The 1210 IH pickup with dump bed sold for $360..


The 1310 IH pecan shaker truck sold for $1,100.


This is looking east from the sale site in to the Marmaton river bottom which often floods..The beans were nearly chest high but will only make 25-30 bushels per acre due to drought..We do have a chance for 2 inches of rain on Monday and Tuesday.

I have more sales to attend in the next couple of weeks.
spent lotta $$$ with mr emery at his truckstop buying fuel n food.dumped lots of soybeans at adm on the state line
1206--Like I told you before--You get all the good sales!! Two Questions-Did that IH R-190 have a RD motor in it? And how much did you make off of that 1660????----Tee
I'm assuming the IH R-190 had a RD 450-501 in it...I'll bet a scrapper got it..I'm not smart enough to buy something at a sale and then turn it an hour later for a nice profit like some do...
1206SWMO, what auctions you planning on hitting up? i have been looking at but havent seen much that looked very interesting, wondering what im missing
1206SWMO, what auctions you planning on hitting up? i have been looking at but havent seen much that looked very interesting, wondering what im missing

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