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Hi. I have a Roosa Master fuel filter assembly on my 4140 Diesel that is/was leaking at one of the gasket seals (there is one on each end of the filter element). I bought a new filter marketed under the CarQuest brand at a local auto parts store. It was supposed to be a direct replacement for the New Holland element I removed (part #86546599). The gaskets that came with CarQuest filter are all slightly oversized, so that when I try to tighten the cap down "hand tight" as the embossed lettering instructs, the gasket slides out of position, and no seal is created. The old gaskets were not exactly the right size, either, and were not reusable.

Two questions: 1) If I buy a genuine New Holland filter online, will the gasket size issue be eliminated? 2) Is there any kind of conversion kit made/marketed that will allow me to replace not only the filter element, but the surrounding parts, so the new assembly is less likely to leak?
Update: Per the New Holland dealer, the part number in my original post is now obsolete. I ordered a new filter under the new part number (84566261). Based on the price, they seem to be pretty proud of it. ;^) We'll see how the gaskets fit.
I should have looked. There are actually two O-rings involved - a small one that goes on the bleed screw and another larger one that sits on a spring-loaded flange inside the filter assembly. The filter element is pushed down on to that larger O-ring and flange before the cap is screwed down hand-tight to create the seal at both ends.
One last follow-up post. I bought a filter at the nearest New Holland dealer - part #84566261. It had exactly the same gasket problem as the CarQuest filter I bought before I started this thread. Fortunately, when I returned it, the guy at the parts desk at the New Holland dealer agreed that it was the wrong filter. He then executed a cross-reference check on the computer which pointed to the Wix filter recommended by Shaun Wallace as the correct one for this application. I went to the NAPA store nearby and bought the NAPA Gold equivalent (part #3165). It worked like a champ. I should have come to the forum first.

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