whats a 160 allis worth????


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Hello allis experts,I am looking at a 160 allis chalmers diesel,the allis chalmers on the decals are spelled out,power steering,3point,2900 actual hours has powersteering about 50% rubber,everything works??and where would the serial number be???the people are wanting $6,000 dollars for it,is this too much???thanks in advance Tim
6K is too much for a 160. Thats about what they are worth with a loader. I paid that 10 years ago when I bought my 160. From a dealer. They are hard to get parts for. But a great tractor. The seral number is on the fire wall infrount of the fuel tank you have to lift the hood. thats a 69 or 70 year if one sixty is spelled out. For better allis info go to allis chalmers.com the go to disscusion form. Thats tons of great people on line that will help you out with any question kip in ny
So What rouphly is the 160 worth then,?????that is what I was wanting to know????Thanks in advance.tim
I think they can be found in that condition for around 4500 or so. However, be prepared to wait a while to find one in good condition for that price. The 6K figure is used often, but you see them on line at various dealers for that price. I think they sell for less from the farm. Things to watch out for on the 160 - Hyd pump (aftermarket is avail for around 300). Tie rod ends (I forget the year, but a Ford Ranger tie rod end will work wih a little welding) Brake discs glaze up (mine still only half work). Since they were foreign made, and not too many of them exist, parts can be hard to come by. Engine is a standard perkins, so that"s a piece of cake, but tranny is one of a kind as far as I know. I absolutely love mine. Use it to mow with an old ford 902 (100") field mower. I don"t use third gear, and reverse sparingly, as they have a whine. It scares me, but it"s my favorite out of four tractors! I can bush hog 25 acres with about 10 gallons of fuel. These days, that matters!

Having said all that, I feel it"s necessary to say this: If this tractor is an exceptional find, that"s been well taken care of and has low use, it may be a good buy at the 6K figure. I"ve sometimes bought junk and fixed it up, and sometimes bought really nice, low hours used stuff and just used it. In the end, I always feel the extra money I spent on the initial purchase of the nice piece was less than the money I poured into fixing up junk to get the job done.
Thank you guys very much for the info i bought the tractor,he came down to $5 thousand,it is an awfull nice tractor,i think just for a mowing tractor it would prob last forever if ya dont try working it hard,once again thank you guys very much,tim

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