F20 D fuel leak


Hi, my F20D has a major fuel leak coming from the on / off fuel lever on the I think fuel filter. Is there an easy way to strip down the small lever and replace an O ring or similar that I suspect has perished ?
There is an o-ring in there. Can't be sure but I suspect is is a 1A P-10A. that o-ring is metric and 9.80mm inside diameter and 2.40mm width.
Hi Winston. Ok that sounds like its the problem. How do I get to it ? I have a box of rubber o rings in various sizes, but will it need to be a special one for use with diesel ?
I only have a parts drawing and it gives no clue how that comes out. You will have to use common sense. That sounds a little like I'm making fun but not intended that way. Most common o-ring material is nitrile which will work fine with diesel.
Ok I have got the fuel filter assembly off and there was a tiny cross head screw hiding underneath the fuel tap. When I undid it the tap handle slid out revealing a perished broken O ring. I have now got a new fuel filter and will reassemble and reattach the three pipes. Question is what do I need to do to bleed any air out of the system ?
Hi Winston. I think my fuel filter is a lot older than the one shown in the video. Probably original. It has three pipes going to it and no screws to bleed from as shown in the video. It does have a large spring loaded nut ( a second large spring loaded nut sits on the end of one of the pipe that leaves the filter ) thses can be pushed in, are they anything to do with bleeding ? I haven't tried to turn over the motor since removing the filter.
Yes it has that unit on ( buried under a load of muck, think I need to give it a good wash down ) with the little lever on the side.
Hi Winston. I have now cleaned off a few years of grease and muck form the little pump with the lever. Silly question, what do I do now ?
Don't know that I have a good answer for you. I would start as close to the fuel tank as possible opening up any bleed screws that you can find and work your way to that little pump. At that point I would look for any bleed screws on the down stream side of the pump. Crack them open starting at the closest one to the little pump (likely at the injection pump) and work the little lever. I think you should get a fuel flow. If so, bleed until no air is present. If you do this all the way to the pump it might be sufficient. If not you might have to crack the injector lines at the injectors and crank the engine over until no air is present. If you do that be careful as the injection pump puts out several thousand psi. This only happens when resistance is present so if lines are pretty loose it may not show any noticeable pressure at all.
Hi Winston. The fuel lift pump that you pointed out did the job. Tractor is now up and running again. Thanks for your help.

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