Locked up rear end


Hi thanks for alowing me to become a member. I have a Branson 2800 compact tractor and last week I was pulling a log out of the woods, it snaged up I gave it a little running tug and the hole rear of my tractor locked up almost bending the tractor in half shut off right away. It is a hydrostatic transmition. Now it will not start or move.everything is locked up
While I'm glad you came, we're not really the place to be for modern, compact, Korean tractors. Just generally speaking, if it has a hydro trans, and it won't go into some kind of neutral position, and the 'whole thing' is locked up - I'd say your trans has gone Tango Uniform.

We're mostly old Ford, IH, Case, Farmall, JD, Allis Chalmers, and Massey Ferguson.

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Where was your chain hooked on your Branson?
What chain. The log was on my login winch cable. And the shaft is not tight like the rest
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Where was your chain hooked on your Branson?
What chain. The log was on my login winch cable. And the shaft is not tight like the rest

Are you indicating that you have a three point mounted logging winch? What shaft is that is not tight like what other shafts?
I'm not sure I'm understanding all of the
info, but it sounds like it has a pto
operated winch. So did the winch stall due
to the log hitting a snag, in turn making
the engine stall? In that case, if the pto
is still engaged, the engine wouldn't be
able to turn. So does the engine run or
will it not crank?
Indont think it has nothing to do with winch as three point hitch shaft turns freely. Has something restricting the turning of the wheels it's a mechanical problem I think not sure how hydrostatic works with brakes. The power was being made and causing the tractor to bend, because it was not going to Axel or wheels
Hello Sam welcome to YT! Hopefully you are just using some colorful and expressive wording to describe your problem and your tractor did not actually bend. There is another poster on here that goes by the name Tractor Vet, many will agree he tends to exaggerate things using common terms as you have. I do not know the exact materials the main sections of your tractor are made out of, most American built tractors the main sections are cast iron. If cast iron is distorted more than a couple thousands of an inch it usually cracks or breaks similarly to a piece of pottery. The main section of your tractor may be stamped or formed malleable steel. Not sure how knowledgeable you are on this kind metal terminology but examples of this are cold roll plate steel and angle iron. If your tractor is made out of these materials they would be much more likely to sustain distortion or bending them would cast iron. If there actually is distortion like this bearing and shafts can be in a severe bind not allowing the engine to turn as you describe by saying it will not start. As was asked by another poster where you connected the chain during this task and more details of the ..bending.. if there actually is any would be helpful.
Sounds like you are saying the rear tires are not moving or locked up when you try to drive forward, but you can feel the tractor torquing up a little when trying to go.

I assume you get the same results in reverse too, but does it move at all, maybe an even an inch or two back n forth? If neither rear tire rotates, sounds like you at least need to get into the rear axle/differential and take a look at things, the problem could still be upstream from there. Maybe there's a large drain plug or inspection cover that might help see things.
Sorry, if my first reply did not consider the replies that
you made. I was on an 8 hour drive today and started
the reply at a rest stop while I was waiting for my wife
to tinkle. You are still stating the engine will not start?
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Not sure I follow all the threads below, but I wanted to add this. There is a relief valve somewhere on the hydro in my JD garden tractor - you may have one also. Years ago I used it to pull a small log out of a tight spot on the hill and it hung up, and I did the same as you. My hydro acted funny for a while after that but eventually cleared up. Somehow I found out about the relief valve and figure that kicked in to prevent serious damage to the transmission. Do some checking to see if that valve can be your problem.


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